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We are happy that you visit us and for that reason we have prepared a site with everything you look for to live a unique experience in a place full of life and kind people


Enjoy it to the fullest, Los Lagos is yours!

Mapu Lahual

Do you know the Lafken Mapu Lahual territory? (whose meaning in Mapudungun language is sea and land of Alerce trees). It’s a marine and coastal protected area, located on the coastal edge of the communes of San Juan de la Costa, Río Negro and Purranque, Osorno Province, that’s why we show you this video.

The first national park of Chile

The first National Park of Chile, Vicente Pérez Rosales, is located in Los Lagos region and one of its main attractions are Los Saltos del Petrohué. The waterfalls go down on a basaltic lava base, which came from the Osorno volcano. Water flows an average of 370 cubic meters per second. Awesome! We invite you to discover them!

Archipiélago de Chiloé

The beautiful Archipelago of Chiloé is always waiting for your visit, it’s known for its iconic wooden churches, a world heritage site, its unique cuisine and its warm people. Here you can meet blue whales; also, Islotes de Puñihuil a natural monument where Humboldt and Magellan penguins nest. Have fun in Chiloé, a complete archipelago to explore. We are going to Chiloé!

Patagonia Costa

Puerto Montt and its surrounding cities such as Maullín or Calbuco, especially close to each other, welcome all visitors full of activities and traditions, which allows you to continue the trip to keep touring in Los Lagos region!

Lakes Llanquihue and Todos Los Santos

The Lake Llanquihue basin and its surroundings are astonishly impressive! Imagine that when you cycle through one of the longest bike lanes in Chile surrounding Lake Llanquihue or sailing to Peulla, all that and much more can be lived alone here!

Patagonia Verde is a vast territory between the Cordillera de Los Andes and the Pacific Ocean. Its greatest attraction is its incomparable land scape. The forest-covered mountains, the rivers flowing down the heights, the lakes embedded in the deep valleys, the glaciers, the beaches and an endless number of corners and trails.

¡Choose an option and discover the Region!

In Los Lagos Region you will find activities to do individually, with friends, groups or family.